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August 2017

From the moment you walk in through the front doors into the main lobby of Lindsay Place High School, you can feel something that sets our amazing school apart from all others. What you feel immediately is a warm and welcoming environment, and that initial feeling quickly becomes what you experience every day at LPHS. In our school community, we recognize and understand that mutual respect is paramount and is the basis for all human interaction. Here, the understanding that each person must be accepted and respected for who he/she is despite differences of race, ethnicity, colour, creed, religious faith, ability or sexual orientation is a fundamental principle that we all adhere to, and guides all that we do at LPHS.

We pride ourselves at LPHS on being able to offer our students a wide range of opportunities to explore and develop their interests and talents. This begins with our long-standing tradition of academic excellence. Did you know, for example that last year, LPHS students had the highest average grades within the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Secondary 4 Histoire, as well as Secondary 5 Physics and Chemistry? We are also very proud of our unique music program, our outstanding drama program, our Quantum enriched program, as well as our STEAM2 program, an exciting new approach to cross-curricular learning. We are also very pleased to continue to offer a these same opportunities to a growing number of International students from China, Korea and a number of other countries.

Lindsay Place High School offers exceptional sports teams, and our student-athletes have achieved well in hockey, soccer, basketball, badminton, and many other sports. We are also one of the few English High Schools to offer a boys’ tackle football team. We have a wide array of clubs and extra-curricular activities all of which give our students an unparalleled opportunity for self-discovery.

At Lindsay Place High School, we build for the future, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Come find out more about Lindsay Place High School – and make Lindsay Place your place!

Mr. D. Estok


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-Mohatma Gandhi