Principal's Page

August 2016

Dear Parents and Students of Lindsay Place:

Welcome to a new school year! I would like to let you all know that I am incredibly honoured and humbled to have been appointed as the Principal of Lindsay Place High School.

I know that during her tenure of the past 5 years, Ms. Dona Bianchi has done an outstanding job, and understandably she will be greatly missed. Her work with the exceptional staff of LPHS to establish the school as a leader in innovative programs provides a solid foundation upon which to build. I want to thank Ms. Bianchi as well as your Vice Principal Ms. Christine Dane for the time they have spent with me reviewing all aspects of school management thus ensuring a smooth administrative transition. It is important to note that Ms. Dane has shown herself to be a tremendous asset in our discussions so far and will continue to play a vital role in this process.

My goal is to ensure that the many reputable programs such as the Music and Art Étude, the Quantum program, and the STEAM2 program continue to thrive and grow while we explore new possibilities to bring to the fore. I believe that my most recent administrative experience at Children’s World Academy where I have been the Principal for the past 6 years, has prepared me well to make meaningful contributions at LPHS. CWA has long been at the forefront of programming and pedagogy, and I already see many ways to promote LPHS’s new STEAM2 program.

Much of what I value in education comes from the variety of experiences I have had in the profession. I have worked as the Principal of Nuvviti School in Ivujivik, located in a tiny Inuit village in Quebec’s far north, as the Principal of Verdun Elementary, of Springdale School in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, and again most recently of Children’s World Academy in LaSalle. My experiences have taught me the importance of community in the life of a school. I know that what makes a school great is a solid partnership between staff members and parents. I have also found that it pays to draw upon the varied resources of the community served by the school to enrich the academic life of the students and prepare them for the challenges they will take on as graduates. I see that these ideals are very much in line with the well-formed philosophy and educational plan LPHS has had for many years.

What I have also learned throughout my career in education is that contributing to the development, growth, and progress of young minds is profoundly rewarding. It is with heartfelt commitment to the education of young men and women that I join the LPHS team and lend my full support to the students, staff, and parents. I look forward to serving you all.

David Estok