Lindsay Place High School has played a leadership role in education on the West Island for fifty years. Nothing less could be expected of this institution considering the nature of the man after whom the school was named. Judge Lindsay H. Place, after having attended McGill University in Civil Law, volunteered his time as a commissioner of the Protestant School Commission of Pointe Claire and Beaconsfield. Within five years, in 1941, Lindsay Place became the board’s chairman and fulfilled that role until 1967, when he was forced to resign because of ill health.

During the 50’s and 60’s, he was the driving force behind the emergence of the Lakeshore School Board as it expanded from a few schools and gradually became a major school board in Quebec. Giving unstintingly of his time and talent, Judge Place served his community as President of the Quebec Association of Protestant School Boards and President of the Canadian School Trustees Association.

He was also an executive of the Downtown YMCA, a municipal judge in Pointe Claire and Beaconsfield, and Director of the Child Care and Child Development Centres. Those accomplishments were achieved in his spare time: Lindsay H. Place worked full time as a vice president of the legal arm of Alcan.

Recognizing his contributions to education, the commissioners of the Lakeshore School Board proudly named a high school after Lindsay H. Place. It was indeed a rare honour, as few people are recognized for their contributions while they are still living. In 1978, a few days before he was to retire at age 65, Judge Lindsay H. Place lost his only battle; he died of cancer. Now, when students fondly remember Lindsay Place High school, they not only reminisce about their school days; they also kindle the memory of Judge Lindsay H. Place.