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Linda Roach
  Jackie Lecomte
QSP Fundraiser
Nancy Tellier
  Finola Hogan
Volunteer Coordinator
Lynda Arthur & Linda Roach
Herald Newsletter
  Nancy Tellier
Garage Sale and Coffee Fundraisers
Linda Roach
Maple Syrup Fundraiser
  Charyl Hyndman
TCBY Fundraiser
Barbara Schnider
Governing Board
  Kim Gromko
Teacher Rep

David Estok
  Christine Dane



Who we are

Lindsay Place Home and School has been an integral part of Lindsay Place High School since the early 1960’s. Every local Home and School Association is part of the Quebec Federation of Home and Schools Inc. (QFHSA), an independent voice for parents, representing members throughout the province of Quebec. As a member of the QFHSA, each Home and School is also a member of the Canadian Home and School Federation. Although regional concerns differ, all parents want the best educational experience for their child.

Although the role of the Home and School has changed over time, Lindsay Place Home and School still supports school initiatives by recruiting volunteers, fundraising, and providing support when required. Volunteers publish the award winning newsletter, The Herald, three to four times per year. Members receive this informative publication directly in their “in-box”. 


Herald Newsletter

  June 2017
  October 2016





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