Members 2016-2017

Parent Representatives   Staff Representatives
Charlene Cox   Alex Caden
Finola Hogan   Nathalie Collins
Robert Lafave
  Paul Delorme
Anny Lecault   Rob Gilmartin
Support Staff 
Karen Margossian   Melissa Hunter
Robert Paul   Stacey Keating
(as of December 2016)
Kiley Philp   Pascale Leblanc
Myret Smith   Josée Thauvette 
Student Representatives   Community Representatives
Amy Schecter   TBD
Deana Schecter    
David Estok


Commissioner: Noel Burke (invited)



What is a Governing Board?

The Governing Board at Lindsay Place is a collaborative body that shares responsibility for the school with the principal. It plays a central role in adopting the school’s orientations, offering quality educational services, and attaining the results that the school is seeking. The Governing Board's decision making is guided by keeping the best interests of all Lindsay Place students at heart.



Roles and Functions

  • Approves student supervision, rules of conduct and discipline.

  • Approves the implementation of basic school regulations, program of study and time allocation for subjects, proposed by the principal.

  • Adopts the school’s annual budget.

  • Approves all field trips (which include any activity where students leave the school property and/or where a cost is involved).

  • Approves the use of the school facility for rental purposes after school hours.

  • May be called to be consulted on and informed of text books and instructional materials required for the teaching of programs.


The governing board may also be asked to consult on school board policies and consultations:

  • Enrollment criteria

  • Safe and caring schools

  • Budget

  • Field trips and extra curricular activities

  • Major school change

  • Criteria for selection of a principal

  • Appropriate use of the computer internet communication

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Food and nutrition

  • School fees

  • Use of facilities

  • Video surveillance



Comments and questions....

Parents we need your input in order to properly represent your point of view. We need to know what you're thinking, what concerns you have, and what you want Lindsay Place High School to be.

If you have any questions to ask or if you want to voice your concerns, you may do so by emailing the chair. 



Annual Reports

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