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Welcome to Lindsay Place High School



June 16, 2016

Important Information concerning Uniform Exam:
History and Citizenship Education/Histoire et éducation à la citoyenneté (087-404/587-404)


Please note that last evening, the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement Supérieur notified all school boards in the province of a confidentiality breach on the uniform examination in History and Citizenship Education/Histoire et éducation à la citoyenneté (087-404/587-404).

The notice applied to one question only, essay question #22, not to the entire examination. Unfortunately, in these cases, the outcome is that this specific question is considered cancelled on the exam. The weighting on the remaining questions will be adjusted in a uniform fashion to compensate.

We shall keep you posted on any further developments coming from the Ministry. 


Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Lindsay Place proudly opens its doors and welcomes you to explore our school. We pride ourselves with our quality programs and our confidence in meeting the needs and interests of our students.

Values, traditions and community build a school and create a Place  where our children are empowered to learn, develop and grow confidently into successful and caring citizens. 

We challenge our students with a range of programs and options: Quantum Enriched Program, Arts Etude, Music (Strings and Band), Sports, leadership, Drama, Visual Arts and extra-curricular activities.

Come discover why we believe this school is an excellent choice for your child. We invite you to take a tour and meet the staff. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and show you ' The Place '.



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Mission Statement

Our Vision

To provide an education that values excellence, challenges and fosters pride in achievement and individual student success.


Our Values

We believe in providing an engaging academic environment that encourages critical and independent thought.

We provide a caring, inclusive and cooperative learning milieu that balances the importance of self expression with the rights of others, respecting diversity, embracing equality and encouraging social responsibility. 

We value a holistic approach to learning, encouraging our students to become independent life-long learners and expanding their knowledge through community service and extra curricular activities.

We encourage students to explore their passions and treasure creative growth through expression in Music and the Arts. 


Our Goals

  • to develop our students intellectual curiosity, thirst for discovery and pride in achievement

  • to challenge each student to reach their maximum potential

  • to help our students develop confidence and learn to make appropriate choices

  • to prepare our students to become valued contributors to Quebec society and responsible world citizens

  • to provide our students a challenging curriculum through the development of innovative programs

  • to help reinforce the “Lindsay Place Charter of Rights and Responsibilities” within our community



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